Local sourcing

This weekend I visited local suppliers to source some parts from Dubai. Most difficult was to find a pump for hot water circulation … there is no need among other clients to pump hot water. But finally a pump was purchased.

Contract for custom dry cooler also placed.

I’ll keep you posted… keep visiting this website regularly and you will photos of dry cooler and CoolTank soon.

5 thoughts on “Local sourcing

  1. Ahmed

    When you can start hoating ?Any luck soon , are you still on the track?


    1. Yes. My supplier delayed delivery. I’m at stage of Factory Acceptance Test now.



    sorry , i didn’t see the video before i leave comment , i start cooling my ASIC before 4 month ago , as you said it’s difficult to find some Part to build the Bath , Keep Going Bro , but try to keep router outside the Bathe . Will visit your site soon when i have freetime .



    Great Job , if you want support we can share our Experience immersion cooling . But you start with Dirty Heat Exchanger Bro .

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    1. Hello!
      Thanks for you supporting comments. I’m about to place an order for cooling liquid- Novec 7100.
      What fluid would you recommend to use?


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