Hosting service



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How does pricing work?

We charge by the kilowatt-month (kW·mo) for expected power usage; all other fees are included in a flat rate.

For example, to host an Antminer S9 that uses 1.3 kW, you’d need to pay

For 1 month of hosting: 299AED up front (230AED/kW/mo)

For 3 months of hosting: 819AED up front (210AED/kW/mo)

For 6 months of hosting: 1482AED up front (190AED/kW/mo)

For 12 months of hosting: 2652AED up front (170AED/kW/mo)

Shipping costs and delays: Customer’s responsibility.

Do you currently have capacity?

Yes. We have last 15 slots

How do I purchase slot for my miner?

The procedure would be to send request to WhatsApp +971 52 792 0406 or email with:

-Confirmation, that you what us to remove heatsinks from chips and fans, or better send us only hashing boards, control board and wiring.

-Duration of a contract you want.

-What machines you’d be shipping.

-How many of each you’d be shipping.

-Whether you wish to overclock or underclock your machines for improved performance or effiiency.

-Your bitcointalk ID, if you have one.

-If your machine will need to be configured, to what pool URL and worker name(s) you’d like to mine.

-A username, alphanumeric only.

-A bitcoin address with which you can sign bitcoin messages, your GPG public key(s), or both.

-Your return shipping address.

-A phone number at which you can receive texts (optional).

-Your Skype or Facetime IDs if you use them (optional).